Black Panther

I was the DMP lead on this show at Method Studios Vancouver. At the start I immersed myself in the “Bible”, a multi 100 page document detailing the culture of Wakanda.

For the Mount Bashenga sequence which involved 400+ shots I created a Google Earth style map of a portion of Wakanda, around Mount Bashenga, which determined the geography of the world beyond the set, laying out the savanna, mountains, jungle and water bodies, incorporating a lake and a river system. I researched relevant plant species for the varying terrain, and created a Speed Tree “shopping list”. Plant placement was driven by distribution maps derived from my original map. This “Wakanda atlas” was also used as a diffuse texture determining the colour of both the ground and the foliage. Later on DMP projections were added to the CG for extra detail.

Additionally I made a couple of sky dome assets to cover the multiple light conditions that were covered during the shoot, sunny and overcast.

For the Vibranium mine set decorations we used the Wakandan language font upon my suggestion. In my process I discovered African Fractals, the concept was adopted by production.

The first trailer used my DMP landscape which was later replaced by environment assets.

Killmonger death scene cliff DMP projections